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Partyflix® Big Outdoor Inflatable Movie Screens

Partyflix Inflatable Movie Screens for sale
Inflatable Movie Screen, Mattress Style

We are proud to offer Partyflix Big Outdoor Inflatable Movie Screens. These screens are great for your next party or event. We offer a number of different size inflatable movie screens to match your budget and backyard from 9ft to 36ft diagonally. Partyflix Outdoor Inflatable Screens are built rugged. No unwanted sagging. These screens are made of heavy duty tarpaulin which will last you years of services. Its seems are double stitched to prevent rips and separation. The projection screens, themselves, are removable and washable. They are made of 4-way stretch Lycra which allow you to both, front and rear project. Read our blog article to understand the benefits of both. You also have the option of having a removable blackout drape added to any outdoor inflatable screen. The blackout drape is affixed to the back of the screen with plastic clips. This prevents any ambient light from penetrating, this improves the contrast and brightness of your image. We also offer two styles of screen: Mattress and Frame. A Mattress style screen is flat and has no support structures.

Inflatable Movie Screen, Frame Style
Inflatable Movie Screen, Frame Style

This allows you more flexibility when installing in tight, environments. But the Mattress style screens needs to be tethered at multiple points for stability. A frame style screen allows you more stability since there are supports built into the backside of the screen. This is a popular style for larger screen sizes (30ft and up). Frame style screens weighs a lot more than mattress style screens. And you will need more space to set up this screen. You can’t go wrong with Partyflix Big Outdoor Inflatable Movie Screens!

23ft Inflatable Movie Screen, Emanuel College, GA

• Rugged tarpaulin construction
• Front / Rear Projection Ready
• Removable wrinkle-free Lycra projection screen
Mattress or Frame style
• Suitable for commercial or residential use

*Tie downs, tethers and stakes are not included.
**On all our screens, 23′ and up, there is a seam in the middle of the white space due to its size, but this does not compromise the picture quality especially during projection time.


Partyflix Outdoor Inflatable Screens Specs
Viewable Screen Size Total Size Weight Apron Height Style Blower Blackout Unit Price
9′ x 5′ or 10.3′ diagonal 12.1′ x 10.36′ x 2′ 29 lbs 3.6′ Mattress 3/4 HP Yes $1500
10.6′ x 6′ or 12′ diagonal 12.4′ x 12′ x 2′ 42 lbs 4′ Mattress 3/4 HP Yes $1800
12′ x 7′, 14′ diagonal 16.1′ x 15.4′ x 2.5′ 50.7 lbs 4.3′ Mattress 3/4 HP Yes $2300
16′ x 9′, 18′ diagonal 20′ x 16.4′ 66 lbs 5′ Mattress 1 HP Yes $2550
20′ x 11′, 23′ diagonal 25.6′ x 20.7′ 95 lbs 5.9′ Mattress 1 HP Yes $3500
26′ x 15′, 30′ diagonal 32′ x 24′ x 4′ 165 lbs 6.4′ Mattress 1.5 HP Yes $4500
26′ x 15′, 30′ diagonal 32.1′ x 24′ x 16′ 253 lbs 6.4′ Frame 1.5 HP Yes $6000
30′ x 17′, 34.5′ diagonal 36′ x 30′ x 21′ 364 lbs 7.9′ Frame 1.5 HP Yes $7000


Partyflix Testimonials of our Services.I just want to say THANK YOU for the speedy delivery and service of our movie screen. Your company and its product has gone above and beyond what I expected!!! We ordered the 23 foot screen and couldn’t be more excited and impressed with it! We showed our first movie last night and it was a huge success. Students loved the fact that it made them feel as though they were in an actual movie theater! Thank you again!
Courtney Hamil, Emmanuel College, Georgia, 2014

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To fully enjoy our screen equipment, we suggest starting movie nights, 10-minutes after your designated time of sunset. To check the Sunset in your area, please Click here